How To Study For And Take Multiple Choice Tests

How To Study For And Take Multiple Choice Tests

The multiple choice test is one of the most used examination manners to evaluate student’s scientific or technical knowledge in undergraduate studies or higher level of education. It seems to be easy to prepare and it shows clearly if a student is studying well for the exam. Unlike other types of written evaluation, you will find in this test a set of questions with right and wrong answers. Some choices are almost similar to the real answer thus they are often referred to as distracters. Your job consists in determining the best option or options for each question. To get excellent marks and pass a multiple choice test, you will need to understand how it works. In this article, I will share with you a few multiple choice test strategies.

How to Study for multiple choice tests

Multiple choice test 4 common choices
Multiple choice test common 4 choices: ABCD

To prepare an exam containing a set of multiple choice options, you must know about the structure (you can skip this paragraph if you are very familiar with it) of the test. It is composed of two fundamental parts: a first section contains a question and a second section which is some proposed answers. Usually, we have four or five options which one or some of them is the best answer or answers. The rest of the options are wrong. The degree of difficulty of the test will be determined by the nature of the questions and the options proposed. We can give five options which three of them are close to the best option. However, a multiple choice exam is one of the easiest tests that you can take.

Focus on Details

Usually, questions are about some details in the course. There will be no complex calculation or synthesis questions. Thus, all you have to do is to revise carefully your course materials and to make sure that you understand very well every point on it. Using flashcards is a good idea. You can also take sample tests. Join a study group and ask your classmates to choose some course details and make from them a great test sample. I usually follow this strategy.

Focus on binding concepts

Pay attention to events or features that tie related observations or features together. Since one would have to have a thorough understanding of several concepts to answer such a question, examiners love asking such questions.

Practice practice and Practice

How fast you can answer the questions play a huge role. The only way to gain speed is practice. Focus of practicing individual questions as well as full length practice tests. Time yourself and make sure that you are not working at too slow a pace. Practice also increases accuracy which is equally important.

Multiple choice test taking tips and strategies

The best way I tried and I touched its effectiveness to take a multiple choice test is:

First, Receive your paper and wait for the beginning of the test

Usually, when the teacher distribute the test papers, he ask them to not open the questions book until all students are served. Sometimes, observers give five or ten minutes for students to read the test’s instructions. Of course you must read it carefully and make sure that you can find out about these things:

  • Test duration.
  • Number of questions.
  • Is there a penalty when selecting the wrong answer?

Additional instructions, If the test is computer based:

  • Be sure to identify the opening and closing time of the test.
  • Are you allowed to move between questions?

Second, Three steps to solve the test strateg

Distribution of multiple choice test random guessing
Distribution of scores on multiple choice test, random guessing

Step 1, Solving easy questions

These questions are solved just by reading the answers. A set of easy and direct questions. The first time, try to not waste time thinking about the difficult questions. Just answer what you know. Put a star next to the questions which you know the best answer but you need some time to identify it.

Step 2, Solving star questions

Now, we suppose that you have finished 1/3 of the test by solving the easy questions. Go back to the question that you had put a star next them and focus on their solution. You can exclude wrong answers and focus on one or two options so make sure that you have selected the best answer. Do not specify more than two minutes per question in order to avoid wasting your time.

Step 3, Guessing

Now, you must go back to the unanswered questions. Choose one of the answers that you think they are correct. If there was a penalty when selecting bad answers, put it in front of your eyes before you guess In order to decide whether to guess the answer or leave it unanswered.

Third, Things must be checked before returning the answer sheet

  • Most of multiple choice questions are answered in an external paper to be processed by computer. To avoid problems when correcting your paper, follow these instructions:
  • Make sure that your name and personal details are clearly written on the answer sheet.
  • Make sure to use the correct type of pen when solving the exam.
  • Be careful when writing in the answer sheet. Sometimes, you answer correctly but you write the bad answer by mistake.
  • Be careful when exceeding a question, because you may answer another question instead. In other words, if you decide to exceed the second question, make sure that you are answering the third question in the right place.

When reviewing your solution, do not change your answer unless you are sure 100 per cent. Some recent studies have found that most of student who change their answers are changing the right answer by an bad one.

I wish you all the best in your exam.

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