9 Simple Study Tips To Ace Exams

9 Simple Study Tips To Ace Exams

We all know the key to passing exams is studying effectively instead of longer. Let me show you 9 simple and scientific study tips for your perfect grades.

Schedule small short study sessions

Don’t cram for tests. Break down your task into small parts. It’s easier and more effective to study in 10 thirty-minute sessions than it is in one five-hour session.

Set a specific goal for each study period

In order to improve study efficiency, we should set a specific goal before sitting down to study. Learn how to make a schedule.

Don’t passively reread notes or highlight textbooks

Some students often reread notes or highlight textbooks without thought. That will only waste your time on less important information. Study smarter, not just harder.

Use Flashcards to memorize material

Use flashcards to memorize material, especially that which is difficult. You can bring them with you, and take them out to review once you have time.

Explain what you learned simply

This is a really good test to see whether you truly understand what you learned. If you can explain it to your classmates simply, you do know it well.

Take mock tests

Do practice tests before the real exam to check our knowledge. By timing yourself you will feel more confident and perform better.

Choose a comfortable study space

Create a conducive environment, and put everything you need close by. It is also important to stay away from distractions.

Keep focus

Keep focus while studying. Some studies show that certain types of classical music can improve concentration. Some students say that it`s much better not to listen to any music.

Put away your smart phone

Stay away from your smart phone when you are studying for an important exam. Don’t let text or social media interrupt you. It’s ok for your friends to live without you for half an hour. 😀

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  • Shepherd Glan July 31, 2016 Reply

    Simple tips for better grade! I will try them next semester.

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