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How to Find Time to Read (4 Tips)

Today, fewer and fewer people are reading books. The conditions today are not the same with three or four decades ago. People have become busier and more inclined to interruptions. Even after work, most thoughts are on work-related matters making it difficult to pick a book and read it. However, when you take some time to analyze your day, it will surprise you to find several portions throughout the day that you can do your reading.

So considering all the dynamics that make it hard to read, how do you find time to read?

1. Have a Schedule

Just like other important activities that characterize your day, put some reading time into your schedule. In most cases, you are tired, and the noise inside your house cannot let you read. However, you can set aside some time each day, especially when there are fewer interruptions. The key here is to ascribe importance to reading, and you will find that time to read.

a woman reading at the beach
Reading at the beach

Early morning when everyone is asleep, and your mind is fresh is a good idea. However, for most, it is harder to concentrate during this time. You are thinking how to navigate the traffic on your way to work or how to you are going to complete that project. The issue is, what may work for one person may not for another. Therefore, determine which time is the most appropriate and slot some reading time in your to-do-list.

The key is to make reading a routine. It should form the first task in your monthly schedule regardless of the competing demands. Always keep in mind that books contain wisdom accumulated over a writer’s lifetime. Therefore, making it a daily habit will benefit you enormously in the long run. The current work environment is competitive and the knowledge obtained from reading books will be the difference that keeps you ahead of the pack.

2. Substitute that Time Spent on Social Media and TV with Reading

Social media takes a big chunk of our time and so is TV. Let’s face it, they are time wasters unless you make your living by them. The total time in a day spent on social media or TV is enormous. By substituting that time spent on them with reading you will get more time to read than you would have thought possible. Therefore, instead of getting your phone to check how many people like that photo you posted on a social media site, get your book and read. You will eventually find that it is more beneficial to you in the long run than Facebook or TV.

3. Minimize Distractions

It is quite essential to make sure that there are minimal distractions during that time you have set aside for reading. Switch your phone to silent mode if necessary to ensure that you don’t keep getting Facebook notifications or messages. It is also a good idea to choose a quiet spot where people are not likely to disrupt your reading. For example, you can always go to the nearest park and use one particular bench to do your reading. Eventually, this will become a habit, and it will be easier for you to read.

4. Always Carry a Book with you

Reading ebooks on mobile devices
Reading ebooks on mobile devices

When you think about it, there are many times that you have had to wait for something in a day and that is a good opportunity to read. At the doctor’s office or your local Starbucks while you wait to be served is usually the best time to reading. Therefore, carry your book, kindle or other mobile devices at all times. Eventually, you will find that the total time spent reading here and there especially when waiting for something is significant.

Apart from the time you are waiting to be served, there are other chunks of time you can do your reading. The average time you spend commuting is about one hour. If you have your book during that period, that will add up to the total reading time. Consider this. If you spend about a minute reading a page, then you will have read about 300 pages by the end of the week. This is only when commuting. In actual sense, carrying books with you makes it easier to develop a reading habit. Therefore, choose your book and take it along wherever you go.

People always find time for the things that they love. Make reading a habit, it only requires you to have discipline to give up some of the time you spend on things are not so important. Then you will find time to do it. and it will make you a better individual. Happy reading!

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