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    How To Make A Study Schedule For Final Exams (Google Calendar)

    Passing of examinations is one of the priorities of every student and therefore there is need for every student to get well prepared and strategize on how to achieve this goal. Preparing for an examination starts right from the beginning of the semester. A student needs to ensure that they get the most out of…

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    read a textbook

    How To Read A Textbook Efficiently

    Reading textbooks is one of the most important study activities we must face. Three Goals 1, Learn the right information from readings. We can’t learn everything in the textbook so we should figure out what is important. 2, Retain the key information for as long as we can. 3, Reduce study time. The Purpose Why…

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    take effective notes

    How To Take Notes Effectively (5 STEP GUIDE)

    To get good grades on exams you have to have an effective note-taking system (The Cornell Note-taking System). I’m going to show you how to take notes whether it’s for a lecture, a PowerPoint or added to your textbook. This is going to work for your math, science, English, history or other classes. What you need…

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    Simple Study Tips

    9 Simple Study Tips To Ace Exams

    We all know the key to passing exams is studying effectively instead of longer. Let me show you 9 simple and scientific study tips for your perfect grades. Schedule small short study sessions Don’t cram for tests. Break down your task into small parts. It’s easier and more effective to study in 10 thirty-minute sessions…

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    How To Study For A Test (A GUIDE TO EXAM TIPS)

    Sometime we study for exams but not for interest’s sake. In order to be most efficient, all actions should aim at passing tests. Let’s get into the details of how to study for exams and show you some useful test taking tips. Contents 1 How To Prepare For Exams 1.1 Preparing Throughout the Semester 1.2…

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    Study Tips & Study Skills (HOW TO STUDY EFFECTIVELY)

    How to study is a big question. Everyone wants to study effectively so as to achieve goals, gain knowledge, pass exams or get skills. The guide will show you every aspect of study skills, teach you top study tips and help you find the best way to study. Learning how to learn is as important…

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