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    How To Study For And Take Multiple Choice Tests

    The multiple choice test is one of the most used examination manners to evaluate student’s scientific or technical knowledge in undergraduate studies or higher level of education. It seems to be easy to prepare and it shows clearly if a student is studying well for the exam. Unlike other types of written evaluation, you will…

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    Using Shorthand Techniques To Boost Your Note-Taking (5 TIPS)

    We miss things when we take notes in class. This is a common situation many students have in college. Because college lectures can stretch much longer and more detailed than ones you receive in high school. Few people can write fast enough or concentrate long enough to write down everything necessary the teachers say. Developing…

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    form a study group

    How To Form A Successful Study Group (9 TIPS)

    It’s very common that different people has different talents and unique insights. So forming study groups is a very powerful strategy for effective learning. Group partners share information and learn from each other. I know one thing, you know another thing, you teach me what you know and I teach you what I know. So…

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    The Pomodoro Technique For Studying – Does It Work?

    Are you a student looking for the best method to improve your studies and productivity while avoiding distractions? The Poromodo technique might just be the answer for you. It was recently voted as the best productivity improvement technique. So, what is the Pomodoro Technique all About? The Pomodoro Technique is basically a time management philosophy…

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    How To Make Flash Cards (3 WAYS)

    Flash cards are an easy way to help us remember important things, especially for one who has an exam coming up. It also makes the learning experience positive and enjoyable. Flashcards can be made in paper or electronic form. Writing things down by hand helps us remember better. Also, to have information (speech, revision notes)…

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    some essay writing tips

    Essay Exam Tips (How To Prepare And Write A Great Essay)

    Throughout one’s high school and college education, one has to write tons of essays in order to express his/her opinions on a particular topic. Most students view essay writing in exams as a laborious task, maybe you do too! In my opinion, it is not that difficult, and may even be found enjoyable. You just…

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    stop procrastination sign

    How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Studying (5 TIPS)

    When I was in school, procrastination was always my biggest enemy. Thinking about the number of days left instead of the number of chapters to cover was a habit. Calling friends to find out that they were also “unprepared” made me feel less lonely in that academic warfare. I realized it was not healthy and…

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    Know Your Learning Style And Be A Smart Learner

    Different people learn differently. We all have a unique learning style that is based on the type of sensory information that we prefer. These kinds of sensory information are called learning modalities. The VARK Modalities They are Visual, Auditory, Read/write and Kinesthetic. You can remember them based on the acronym, VARK. Students generally have a…

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