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SQ3R Definition – An Acronym for an Effective Study Method

As a high school or college student, or just someone looking to learn, being able to read and learn effectively from a textbook is an absolutely critical skill. Pulling information out of the text, being able to remember it, and then translate that to answers on the test and knowledge that you will hold onto…

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how to develop good study babit

What is The Habit and How to Develop Good Study Habits

We all have some bad study habits which we wish that we could change. Or ones that others wish that we would change in ourselves even though we might not feel so. No matter how hard we try, we are not able to get rid of these habits. Many of times we give up thinking…

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online learning

How to Develop Your Online Learning Skills (7 TIPS)

The evolvement of technology has changed the way we have been doing things. Undoubtedly it has made our lives easier with the flexibility and adaptability it provides. Studying online can be extremely convenient as you can study from anywhere, and at your own pace. However, with increased flexibility also comes an increased need for discipline,…

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How to Manage Study Stress (5 TIPS)

It’s the end of the semester and everything comes at once: papers are due, exams are coming up, and final assignments must be turned in. It can be easy to become stressed out, to feel tense, and to focus on the tasks at hand while ignoring your own well-being. However, it’s important to manage stress…

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How To Develop Effective Listening Skills In Class (10 TIPS)

Oh, teachers… You know, the people who either have the great power to raise your interest on certain things and make you wonder about the world around us or have the magical skills to put you to sleep while they’re talking. Yes, we’ve all been in the situation where we try our hardest to listen…

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How To Study For And Take Multiple Choice Tests

The multiple choice test is one of the most used examination manners to evaluate student’s scientific or technical knowledge in undergraduate studies or higher level of education. It seems to be easy to prepare and it shows clearly if a student is studying well for the exam. Unlike other types of written evaluation, you will…

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Using Shorthand Techniques To Boost Your Note-Taking (5 TIPS)

We miss things when we take notes in class. This is a common situation many students have in college. Because college lectures can stretch much longer and more detailed than ones you receive in high school. Few people can write fast enough or concentrate long enough to write down everything necessary the teachers say. Developing…

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How To Form A Successful Study Group (9 TIPS)

It’s very common that different people has different talents and unique insights. So forming study groups is a very powerful strategy for effective learning. Group partners share information and learn from each other. I know one thing, you know another thing, you teach me what you know and I teach you what I know. So…

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