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a man is reading newspaper

What You Should Do to Increase Your Reading Rate

Have you ever tried to read together with somebody. You will realize that one of you will turn a page quicker than the other. We read almost all the time – at school, home, in the park, at a cafe or even when traveling. For some of us, reading is a part of our hobbies….

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setting clear reading goals

What is the Most Important Factor in Improving Reading Skills

Improving reading skills is vital for every learner. Good reading skills can help us gain information and knowledge more effectively. There are many methods to improve reading skills, reading frequently, learning various reading methods, note-taking techniques and so on. But the most important factor in improving reading skills is setting clear reading goals. Why is…

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a young man is reading in a park

How to Find Time to Read (4 Tips)

Today, fewer and fewer people are reading books. The conditions today are not the same with three or four decades ago. People have become busier and more inclined to interruptions. Even after work, most thoughts are on work-related matters making it difficult to pick a book and read it. However, when you take some time…

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SQ3R Definition – An Acronym for an Effective Study Method

As a high school or college student, or just someone looking to learn, being able to read and learn effectively from a textbook is an absolutely critical skill. Pulling information out of the text, being able to remember it, and then translate that to answers on the test and knowledge that you will hold onto…

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